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Dynasty to Democracy

Experience the struggle. Discover the dream.

Take your students on a deep dive into Chinatown history and culture. Each year our experienced guides lead over 4000 students on fun, educational walking tours through the alleyways and byways of San Francisco’s Chinatown. There students discover the inspiring story of Chinese immigrants’ journey from Dynasty to Democracy and how their struggle against discrimination propelled America’s quest for equality forward.

Our tours support the California State Educational Standards for social studies and history from 4th through 12th grade. Depending on your curriculum needs and student level, highlights can include:

  • Confucian and Greek Philosophy – Learn how over 2,000 years of political philosophy from Chinese and Greek history intersect in Chinatown.
  • Chinese in Early California – Learn how Chinese labor and expertise built California’s first industries and funded California’s early government.
  • Civil Rights Struggles of Chinese & African Americans – Learn how a Chinese laundryman from SF Chinatown changed the course of civil rights history in America and redefined what it means to be equal.
Tours are available year round.
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Tours can be tailored to your students’ interests and educational needs. Stops can include:

  • Chinese Six Companies: The “Congress” of Chinatown
  • Chinese Food Markets
  • Chinese Temples
  • Fortune Cookie Factory
  • Tea Tasting