Chinatown History and Food Walk

Child (ages 6 – 21)
Children 5 and under

Experience the struggle. Discover the dream. Eat the food!

Experience Chinatown in all of its history, art, culture…and food!

We have so much to share!  An inspiring history of struggle and activism, ancient medical practices that are still saving millions of lives today, delicious food at the best dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, and even surprising contemporary art. This innovative tour takes you far deeper than the normal tourist presentation.  Beyond the enjoyment and learning, join us in a dialogue about the deeper meaning of Chinatown within the quest for human dignity and equality in America.


·         A bank inside a temple

·         How a laundry changed our country

·         The herb that cures malaria

·         The oldest Taoist temple in America

.     The “government” of Chinatown

.     The best dim sum in San Francisco!

Duration:  3 to 3.5 hours

Other Costs:

Please bring $25 to $30 cash for a snack, an authentic sit-down dim sum lunch, and a temple donation.  There is optional tea tasting at the end.  The tea tasting is free, but of course they are hoping you buy some tea.  If you do purchase tea, it is about $40 per package, and they accept credit cards.


Check the calendar for availability.  Please register 48 hours ahead of time.  Most tours start at 10 am.


Gratuities are always welcome of our dedicated docents.


The Chinese Culture Center is a community-based non-profit established in 1965 to elevate the community and act as a voice for equality. Proceeds from this tour benefit the CCC education programs for children and youth

Starting Location

Chinese Culture Center

750 Kearny St, 3rd Floor ( Inside the Hilton Hotel )

San Francisco, CA  94108

When you get to the 3rd floor, go through the round moongate and meet in our free art gallery!

You can use the restrooms on the 3rd floor as well.

Booking a group larger than 10 people?  Call (415) 986-1822